Tenth Consecutive Wiley University Student to be named Miss National UNCF

Jun 29, 2023

Wiley University sophomore Jordan Dansby has been crowned Miss National UNCF which makes her the tenth consecutive Wiley student to be named Miss National UNCF. Miss Dansby was announced the winner on Saturday, February 18, 2023, during the Miss National UNCF Coronation at the organization’s Annual National Alumni Council Leadership Conference in Birmingham, Alabama. She is a sophomore from Phoenix, Arizona, majoring in Mass Communications and is active on the Wiley University Volleyball team and the Wiley University Pre-Alumni Council. 

“I consider it a huge honor to have been named Miss National UNCF. It means even more for me to represent UNCF, because of the organization’s rich history of  helping so many people access college. We continue to have work that needs to be done, in increasing access to higher education for black and brown communities. There are conversations that need to be had and history to be made. I want to thank everyone who supported me. Let us all go forth inspired and be the change we want to see.” Miss Jordan Dansby, Miss National UNCF

Collectively, with financial support from her family, Wiley University alumni, friends of the college, she raised $56,015.15. Her campaign outraised her competitors from other UNCF schools, thus earning her the victory.